New patients are always WELCOME!

What to Expect

Your first visit is an Orthodontic evaluation and is complimentary. You will be taken to a private room which is large enough for the patient and family members. Dr. Page or Dr. Condict will conduct a thorough orthodontic examination to determine if the patient will benefit from orthodontic treatment and when it should begin.

If orthodontic treatment is recommended, a diagnostic records appointment will be scheduled. At that appointment, photographs, an x-ray, and models of the patient’s teeth will be made. Sometimes, it is possible to do this the same day.

The doctors will then study these records to determine the best method of treatment while considering the patient’s individual wishes. The doctor will discuss treatment options, the expected length and cost of treatment, and insurance benefits. Any questions you have will be answered. Once this is completed, you are ready to begin treatment!

Dr. Page and Dr. Condict will review your treatment plan together, and you may see either of the doctors at your subsequent appointments.