Orthodontic “Emergencies”

Most problems that occur during orthodontic treatment are not true emergencies that require immediate care. You may be able to solve many problems temporarily until you can come back to see us. Even though you may be able to solve the problem temporarily, it is important to call us and let us know. Some examples of common problems and temporary fixes are:

Poking Wire: You can try to push the wire down with an eraser or a spoon. If you are unable to reach it, place wax on the wire until you can come in to the office. Call our office and we can clip the wire for you.

Loose band or bracket: If the bracket is still attached to the wire, leave it in place. If it is uncomfortable, you can place wax on it or you can remove the colored rubber band with a toothpick and slide the bracket off the wire. SAVE the bracket in a plastic bag and BRING it to your appointment. If the bracket is in the back and not bothering you, you can wait until your scheduled appointment to replace it. If the bracket is in the front, call our office and we will schedule an appointment to replace the bracket.

Wire out of the back band: You can try to place the wire back into the hole in the band with a pair of tweezers. If it is poking or bothering you and you cannot replace it, you can clip the wire behind the last tooth to which it is still secure with a pair of fingernail clippers (sanitized, of course :)).

Cheek sores: Cover the part of your braces that is bothering your cheek with wax.

Colored rubber band off bracket or broken colored chain: You can wait until your next scheduled appointment, and we can replace it for you.

Please call our office with questions or problems,

317-773-0016 or 765-675-8080