Back To School Contest




Wake up your brain by answering our back to school dental trivia questions:  (you can answer these at your next visit or post them on our Facebook page to be entered in the contest)

     1.  How many teeth does the average adult human have?

             A. 20     B. 24       C. 28      D. 32

      2.  How many teeth does an alligator have at one time?

      A. 40      B. 80      C. 50      D. 120

      3.  How many quarts of saliva (spit) does the average human produce in his/her lifetime?

      A. 250      B. 2500      C. 25,000      D. 250,000

      4.  How many million miles of dental floss are purchased in North America each year?

      A. 3      B. 30      C. 300      D. 3,000

      5.  How many muscles does it take to smile?

      A. 6      B. 12      C. 17      D. 22